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Tp Link Wireless

Hello, this page will guide you through how to adjust your wireless access credentials as-well as the routers interface credentials.

Please find the device that was provided to yourselves by us, it should look something like the image to the left (or above for users viewing this page from a phone/tablet).

Please find the sticker on the back of the device and take a note of the details highlighted in the picture, this should include the “SSID” and the “Wireless Password”.

Search for the SSID name that’s on listed on the sticker on the device itself, then when prompted input the password that’s also found on the sticker on the device its-self.

Open a web-browser and then in the address bar at the top type and then hit enter/search.

You should then be prompted for a username and password. The default username and password to get into the user interface of the router are as follows:-

Username:- Admin

Password:- Admin

Input these details into the relevant fields and then login.

Upon logging in you should see something similar to the picture attached.

Navigate to the “system tools” tab.

Upon reaching this page you can create a new account to use to login to this interface, fill out the two top fields the “Old User Name” and the “Old Password” .

Now put in a new username (this will be used in the future if you ever need to change any settings on the router). Now enter a new password and then confirm it before clicking “Save”.

Now you’ve changed the login credentials to access the user interface of the router, these will need to be used in the future when you need to or would like to change something on the router via this interface.

Click the “Wireless” tab on the left to continue to the next step.

Upon reaching this page you should see a field that says “Wireless Network Name”, here you can customize the name of your wireless that gets broadcasted so that you can connect to it,  you should make it as unique as possible so that its recognizable when you’re looking to connect to your device.

Click on the “Wireless Security” tab underneath the wireless tab on the left to continue to the final step.

Here you can change your wireless security password, look out for the “WPA/WPA2 – Personal (Recommended)” section of the page. In the “Wireless Password” section, input something unique, memorable and secure so that it’s secure.

Then click “Save” at the very bottom of the page to save the changes made.

Any further questions? Get in touch, fill out the form below and we will aim to get back to you with a response within 24 hours.

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