purefibre | Setting up your wireless.
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Setting up your wireless.

This page will guide you through how to change your wireless access credentials as-well as the routers interface login details.

Sticker provided with the router.

Please find the sticker that’s on the rear end of the device that should look similar to the picture.

Connect wirelessly from your device by searching for the SSID of the router (or wireless name as its also called) that is mentioned on the sticker in this case it is CXNK001B8628.

When prompted you will be asked for a password, please enter the “WPA” key which is the set password for your wireless by default as you can see in this instance it is “9fcd14144b39380d”.

Open a web browser and then in the address bar type and then hit enter/search (if this doesn’t work then try OR

Upon reaching this screen you will see the screen referenced in the picture attached. Enter the username and password, these should be found on the sticker attached to the router next to “User/Password”. In this instance the credentials are:-


Username:- admin


Password:- c2563C66


Click login to continue.

Upon logging on to the web interface click on the “Advanced” tab.

You should now see this screen, click on the “Security” tab.

You should now be on this screen. Here is where you can change the credentials to get into the router, I would advise that you change these details to something more memorable.

Save the changes and then click on the “Wireless tab” from the list of tabs at the top.

You should now see this page, click onto the “SSID” tab.

Here you can rename your “SSID” (or wireless name as its most commonly referred to as).

Navigate to the “Security tab” once this step is complete.

It’s here where you change the default wireless password to something more memorable, click save to confirm the changes made.

Any further questions? Get in touch, fill out the form below and we will aim to get back to you with a response within 24 hours.

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